Activity Module

The activity module allows you to setup & schedule activities for your facility and add repeating schedules easily for each activity (monthly, weekly or one time events). Residents can be added to the scheduled dates and viewed in the list or calendar views. All calendars are printable so they can be posted in your facility. Upcoming events can be shown on the dashboard with quick links to log activity or view the activity.

Log scores and add notes on resident participation. Quick options for Absent, Sick, Sleeping or Choose not to attend. Notes are stored with the record and is visible in the reports.

Activity profile shows the recent activities by the resident, along with the recently logged activities and any activities they are scheduled to participate.

Resident Activity Profile

The resident activity profile provides a quick overview of the number recent activities events that a resident participated in. The quick graph helps to quickly show the activity types by domain most participated in to help you quickly adapt and offer options for a well rounded activity selection for the resident.

Recent and future activities for the resident are displayed so you are able to see the recent activities events that a resident participated in along with any activities they are registered for in the future.

Setting up Rooms

Setting up rooms is simple. The Create button will show the page for setting up new entries. Update button allows modification, and the Delete button will remove these from the application

If you have activities in residents rooms, setup a single “resident room” to assign to these activities.

Activity View

The activity view is the meat and potatoes of the activity system. Allowing you to setup new schedules for an activity, view all the upcoming scheduled dates (along with seeing which residents are signed up), view all past scheduled dates (with options to log participation scores and add notes), and view the current schedules.

Schedules can be created as one time, daily, weekly or monthly. Whatever suits your needs and scheduling. Removing schedules is just as easy and will update all residents schedules with one click.

Resident Reports

The resident reports will keep you informed on how residents are participating in scheduled activities, helping to keep you aware of any changes in resident behaviour or activity level. This is useful for determining a modified activity program for the resident.

Notes added to any activity will also be available in these reports to help assess reasons for absences or missed sessions.

Activity Calendars

Keep everyone up to date on the latest activities in your facility with our handy calendars. Available in day, week and month views, easily printed and posted. Our website plugin allows you to post your monthly calendar on your public website for display to family and potential clients.