Leads Module

The MyResidentCare Leads/Waitlist Module is a core component of our comprehensive SaaS platform designed to optimize the management of assisted living and long-term care facilities. This specialized module streamlines the entire lead management process, allowing you to efficiently track and manage prospective residents and transition them to the appropriate stages in your facility.

Lead Management

Efficiently track and manage prospective residents from their initial expression of interest throughout their journey. Our module offers advanced lead management capabilities, including customizable stages, task types, and lead sources. Seamlessly convert leads into residents.

For subscribers to the full myResidentCare system, you can create residents directly when scheduling a “Move In” task, simplifying the transition process.

Waitlist Management

Manage leads in the Waitlist stage with ease. Filter leads based on their care needs, time frame, or room type. Transition them to the next stage when the time is right, ensuring no leads fall through the cracks.

Customization Options

Adapt the module to your unique facility’s requirements with customizable settings. Tailor Stages, Task Types, Status, Care Needed, and more to align with your specific processes.

Efficiently track the origin of your leads with customizable lead source categories. Understand the effectiveness of your marketing and referral efforts, and optimize your lead acquisition strategies.


  • Optimized Lead Conversion: Streamline the lead-to-resident conversion process for faster results.
  • Efficient Waitlist Management: Keep your Waitlist organized and transition leads effectively.
  • Customized Configuration: Tailor the module to match your facility’s unique needs and processes.
  • Enhanced Lead Source Insights: Understand where your leads come from and make data-driven marketing decisions.
  • Seamless Transition: Transition leads to residents efficiently within the same system.

Get Started with MyResidentCare Leads/Waitlist Module

Enhance your lead management processes and streamline the transition of prospective residents to residents with the MyResidentCare Leads/Waitlist Module. This module works in harmony with other key modules like Resident, Diet, and Activity, offering a complete solution for your facility.