Base Module

Residents, Facility, Staff & Roles

The base module contains the basic setup for your operations with floors/wings/wards/rooms, staff & role setup and basic resident profiles.

The staff and roles setup allow fine grain control over access to all the pages/buttons on the application. Staff can be setup with views into profiles with no modify ability. Roles can be setup for quick selection of options across all modules.

The myResidentCare application is loaded with the configuration for your facility. Floors, wings, wards (if applicable) are all setup for easy viewing of residents by area. Dining rooms (with tables & seats) can be setup for assigned eating areas. Finally rooms are setup with occupancy and beds then assigned to residents.

Company Notices

Company notices are a quick and easy way to inform your staff of any changes, activities or alerts that will impact them. Displayed on the dashboard, they will get noticed immediately by any staff logging in. By choosing which roles the notice is displayed to, you can ensure the messages are displayed to only those employees that need to know.

Resident Profile

The resident profile gives quick options to modify or remove the resident, along with logging weight (if enabled). Click on the pencil icon to modify the resident profile. Menu options for the modules are along the top bar (Diet Profile/Activity Profile shown here)
The Resident Log contains all changes to the resident account or diet/snack profile for the resident.


Roles are created to limit access to any features of the application. This fine grain system means that an employee could be setup to view a report, but not have the ability to modify it. The options are limitless.

Staff are created with their own login and assigned roles according to their position. An unlimited number of staff can be setup for access into myResidentCare.