Diet Module

cloud based diet planning

Our diet module is a cloud based diet planning interface for dietitians, nutritionists and related nutrition professionals. Our easy to use software allows for the tracking of food allergies & intolerances, preferences, texture,  snack lists and diet aids. Easily updated and conveyed to your kitchen staff.

Weight tracking for each resident, including a weight alert report for residents who need an updated weight taken or have gained/lost weight.  Reports are customizable for your facility and threshold levels and allow you to quickly adapt their diet plan to suit changing needs or weight changes.

Resident Diet Profile

The Diet Profile is a comprehensive section that encompasses essential information for residents, including allergies, texture preferences, portion sizes, diet types, feeding aids, liquid thickness, and preferred beverages. This section should  be completed by a qualified dietician or food service manager to ensure accurate and personalized dietary information.

Our system takes the hassle out of managing nutrition records for multiple residents. With automated updates and tracking capabilities, you can effortlessly monitor and maintain various nutrition-related details. From food allergies and dietary restrictions to snack lists, dislikes, and preferences, everything can be efficiently managed within a single system. This not only ensures compliance with individual dietary needs but also increases productivity by streamlining record-keeping processes.

Key benefits of our nutrition record management system:

  1. Comprehensive Tracking: Maintain up-to-date records of residents’ food allergies, dietary restrictions, snack preferences, and dislikes, ensuring accurate and personalized care.
  2. Streamlined Compliance: By centralizing all nutrition-related information in one system, you can ensure compliance with residents’ dietary needs, reducing errors and enhancing safety.
  3. Increased Productivity: Automating the process of updating and tracking nutrition records saves time and effort, allowing staff members to focus on providing quality care rather than tedious administrative tasks.

Simplify the management of nutrition records and optimize resident care with our user-friendly system. Experience the convenience of a comprehensive nutrition profile while ensuring compliance and increasing productivity.

Resident Snack Profile

The resident snack profile can be filled out with snacks and other supplements that needs to be served to the resident. The snack profile items printable on Avery 5160 labels (30 up) for all residents, with filtering options.

The filtering options for mealtimes/nourishments, selections for the periods, floors/wings/ward will let you print up to 7 days of labels at once. Partial label sheets are no problem with the option to pick the starting label location.

Resident Nutrition Reports

Our system offers a wide range of customizable reports that provide valuable resident nutrition information. These reports are designed to cater to your specific needs and ensure easy access to essential data. Here are some of the key reports available:

  1. Diet Board: The diet board displays textures and diet types for residents. This visual tool allows for quick reference and identification of specific dietary requirements.
  2. Allergy Board: The allergy board provides a comprehensive view of any allergies or intolerances set up for your residents. It allows you to swiftly access and review crucial allergy information.
  3. Quick View Report: The quick view report offers a customizable overview of nutrition information for all residents. You can choose the specific data points you wish to include, allowing you to focus on the most relevant details for efficient decision-making.
  4. Weight Alerts: Our system enables you to set up weight alerts for residents. These alerts notify you when a resident’s weight has changed over a certain percentage within a specified range. This feature helps you monitor and address weight fluctuations promptly.

Choose the diet information you want to be displayed on these reports, tailoring them to fit your specific requirements. This customization ensures that you have access to the most pertinent nutrition information at a glance.

Experience the power of customizable reports in managing resident nutrition. Gain insights, make informed decisions, and provide optimal care based on the comprehensive data available to you.

Printable Dietary Tray Cards & Labels

Our convenient tools are specifically designed for use in assisted living facilities and other healthcare settings, where accurate and up-to-date information regarding residents’ dietary needs is paramount.

Introducing our dietary tray cards and labels, which simplify the tracking of diet types, textures, and liquid thickness. With a straightforward process, you can print out the cards or labels and attach them to residents’ trays. This enables staff members to swiftly and accurately identify each resident’s unique dietary requirements, ensuring that they receive the appropriate items.

Key features of our tray cards and labels:

  1. Easy Printing: Our system allows for hassle-free printing of tray cards and labels. Simply select the desired settings and print. You have the flexibility to print only the categories that are relevant to your concerns, optimizing efficiency.
  2. Saved Settings: Once you’ve set up your preferred settings, they can be saved for future use. This convenient feature saves you time by eliminating the need to reconfigure settings each time. It ensures consistency and prevents missed selections.
  3. Updates and Modifications: Adding or updating information is a breeze. You can easily make changes as needed, ensuring that the tray cards and labels always reflect the most current and accurate information about each resident’s dietary needs.

Streamline your dietary management process with our user-friendly tools. Ensure accurate identification of residents’ dietary requirements, save time, and maintain up-to-date information for enhanced resident care.

These tools are designed to simplify the workflow in healthcare settings, providing staff members with the necessary resources to deliver optimal care to residents.