Diet Module

cloud based diet planning

Our diet module is a cloud based diet planning interface for dietitians, nutritionists and related nutrition professionals. Our easy to use software allows for the tracking of food allergies & intolerances, preferences, texture,  snack lists and diet aids. Easily updated and conveyed to your kitchen staff.

Weight tracking for each resident, including a weight alert report for residents who need an updated weight taken or have gained/lost weight.  Reports are customizable for your facility and threshold levels and allow you to quickly adapt their diet plan to suit changing needs or weight changes.

Resident Diet Profile

The Diet Profile contains information for the resident on allergies, texture, portion, diet type, feeding aids, liquid thickness and beverages. This section should be filled out by your qualified dietician or food service manager.

Automatically update and track multiple nutrition records for residents—such as food allergies, dietary restrictions, snack lists, and dislikes and preferences—all in a single system, ensuring compliance and increasing productivity.

Resident Snack Profile

The resident snack profile can be filled out with snacks and other supplements that needs to be served to the resident. The snack profile items printable on Avery 5160 labels (30 up) for all residents, with filtering options.

The filtering options for mealtimes/nourishments, selections for the periods, floors/wings/ward will let you print up to 7 days of labels at once. Partial label sheets are no problem with the option to pick the starting label location.

Resident Nutrition Reports

Many customizable reports are available to view the resident nutrition information.

From the diet board to show any textures and diet types, to the allergy board to quickly show any Allergy/Intolerances setup on your residents, to the quick view report which shows a customizable overview for all residents, to weight alerts can be setup for residents to alert you to residents that weights have changed over a certain percentage during a range.

Choose which diet information is shown on these report to fit your needs.