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Activity List

This shows all activities setup in the system. You can create a new activity by clicking the Create button. View any activity by clicking the view button.

Create Activity

When creating an activity, only “Activity Name”, “Activity Type” and “Domain” are required. If “Activity Type” is set to “self directed”, all but the first three boxes will be removed. By setting duration, this will be used later as a default when logging participation by the resident.

Activity View

The activity view allows you to update and disable the activity, add reoccurring schedules, view upcoming dates and log time for this activity that isn’t part of a schedule.

The disable button will end all future scheduled dates for this activity, and remove any residents on that activity.


You can setup an event to reoccur at a regular interval, or be a one time event. Scheduled events allow you to register residents to the event and log participation easily.
When a reoccurring event has a new schedule, simply “Set End” on the existing schedule. This will remove all future entries for this schedule, and remove anyone scheduled on those future events.

Adding Schedule

Add a schedule by clicking on the “+ Add Schedule” button in the schedule list. This will open a window to set the start date/time and frequency.

For a one time event, choose the “Once” option, and click Save.

For a reoccurring event, choose the frequency (Weekly/Monthly). You can now set how often the event reoccurrs. If you set an “End Date”, event past this date will not be scheduled.

Upcoming dates

The upcoming dates section shows all scheduled times for this activity from 14 days previous to 21 days in the future. This allows you to log time for activities that have completed, and view upcoming schedules.

You can also search for dates outside this range with the “Search” button.

View Upcoming Schedules

Viewing an upcoming schedule will show any residents that are scheduled on this day, along with options for adding residents who have recently participated in this activity.
Clicking on a recent resident will add them to the Enrolled Residents list for this day. Clicking on the [-] next to a name will remove them from the activity on this day.

Add Resident to schedule

If the resident you want to enroll isn’t in the recent list, click the “+ Add Resident” button to search for other residents. Either enter a search term, or just click search to view all residents matching your query.

You can select multiple residents at a single time in this screen.

Printing Schedules

By clicking the “Print” button, you can print all enrolled residents for this activity on this date. The room and floor/ward/wing information will also be included.