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Logging Participation

When viewing the activity, there are two ways to log resident participation.

If the activity has no scheduled times, or to log time outside a scheduled time, click the “Log w/o schedule” button.
To log participation for a scheduled time, click view next to the schedule (must be in the past)
When viewing a scheduled event, all enrolled residents will be shown. To add additional residents, please see Activities.

Logging scores

You can score the resident from 1-3 for participation level, with 1 being very little participation and 3 being great participation.

You can change the duration of the activity if it is different than the default for the activity.

Other options:
N/A – not available – this will resident will not show in reports for this entry
A – resident was absent
S – resident was sick
SL – resident was sleeping
C – resident chose not to attend

You can also add notes to any log entries which will show on reports.

View logged entries

If you have already logged time on a schedule, if you view the schedule again, you will see all current scoring. You can click to change any scores or notes and then simply click “Log scores” again.