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Creating & Updating Residents

The resident list gives you a quick view to the residents in your facility. Colour tips are included for residents with any warning codes (Yellow: Exit Seeking, Purple: verbal/physical/sexual aggressive). You can also search for residents, with the option to include archived residents. You can from this page, you can create a new resident, view or update any residents listed. Clicking the Name/Floor/Wing/Ward headers will sort the list using that column. Sort is stored for the length of your session.

Create Resident

Resident Create allows you to add new residents. Only “First Name” and “Last Name” are required fields, but to get full use of the application, all fields should be filled out. You can always edit anything missing after creating the resident by clicking the “Update” button from the Resident List page.

Resident Room

When choosing a Room, if the room is greater than single occupancy, the existing resident will be shown in the dropdown.

Dining Room

When choosing a Dining Room, the residents in that room are automatically shown in their current seats, so you can pick your seating plan. If requested, the seat selection can be made optional for your facility (Dining Room will still need to be selected)