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Resident Profile

The resident profile page provides a quick overview of the resident. Depending on the modules enabled for your site, these information panels may be missing.

The resident profile gives quick options to modify or remove the resident, along with logging weight (if enabled). Click on the pencil icon to modify the resident profile. Menu options for the modules are along the top bar (Diet Profile/Activity Profile shown here)
The Resident Log contains all changes to the resident account or diet/snack profile for the resident.
Resident Cards show a quick picture view of all the residents. You can filter by Floor/Wing/Ward to show only those residents.

Removing Resident
You can remove a resident by clicking on the “Remove resident” button. This will ask you to confirm the click. Removing a resident archives them in the system, but will remove them from their current room and dining room. They will not show up in any reports or graphs. To see these residents, you will need to check the “Include Archived” on the resident search page.

Weight Graph

The weight over time graph shows the past 6 months of weight records for the resident. Clicking on the + button will allow you to log a new weight. The “list” button will show a list of all weight records for the resident.

Adding new weight

The update resident weight modal allows you to enter a new weight record for a resident. It will default to the last used weight type for the resident and to the current date and time. If you want to log an entry for a previous day, simply clicking into the date will allow you to type in a different date. Please not, the time needs to be in 24 hour format.