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Diet Board

The diet board can be setup to show any Textures and Diet Types for your site. Hovering/Clicking on any count will show the residents that are included in that count.

The “Change Options” button allows you to change which Textures/Diet Types are shown.

Any residents not setup with a diet type will not show on this report (they are shown on the dashboard as incomplete)

Allergy Board

The allergy board can be setup to show any Allergy/Intolerances setup on your residents.

An alert will be shown at the bottom for any residents missing dining rooms.

Weight Alerts

Weight alerts can be setup for residents to alert you to residents that need an updated weight recorded, or residents that weights have changed over a certain percentage during a range.

These options are setup in the “Change Options” button.

Weight Alerts Setup

The options for how the weight alerts calculations are made can be setup here.

This weight alert will look at the history of the resident, over the period setup, to see if any residents match your alerts.

Quick View

The Quick View report shows a customizable overview for all residents. Choose which diet information is show on this report to fit your needs.

Quick View Setup

The Quick View setup allows you to pick which diet options to show in the quick view report and choose the order they appear.