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Snack Profile

The Snacks tab can be filled out with snacks and other supplements that needs to be served to the resident. The snack profile items printable on Avery 5160 labels (30 up) for all residents, with filtering options.

The snack profile shows all snacks setup for the resident. Clicking the plus or minus sign allows you to add new items to the resident.
To add an item to the resident, simply click the plus button in the appropriate box. This will bring up a screen showing all setup items for that type. You can select as many as needed to be added to the resident snack profile.
When adding a new snack item, if you need it to print on labels, you must ensure the checkbox for “Print on Labels” is ticked
The Snack Items Admin in the left menu allows you to create, update and delete snack items.

Modifying an item will update all residents that have that item.
Deleting an item in a resident will stamp the audit log for all residents that are affected.

Printing Snack Labels

To print the Avery labels for your snack items, click on the “Print Labels” menu option on the left menu under Diet Module. This will give you filtering options for mealtimes/nourishments, selections for the periods, floors/wings/ward along with selections to pick 7 days of labels.
As you choose options, the number of Sheets/Labels/Blanks will be updated. Load your printer with the number of sheets shown.

Partial Sheets

If you have partially used sheets, click on the “Setup partial sheets” button. Simply select which label you want to start, and the printout will adjust for your missing labels.

Preview Labels

Clicking on preview labels will give you a quick view of the labels that will be printed. You can use this to make sure you are setup for your partial sheets.

Print Labels

Printing the labels will generate a PDF document that can be printed to your printer that is loaded with Avery 5160 labels.

If an item doesn’t appear, check that it is setup to print on labels. If this is not checked, it will not appear.