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Managing Staff & Roles

Roles Management

Roles are created to allow different level of access into the application. You can manage roles by going into the Staff Admin -> Roles in the left menu. This will pull up the roles list of all active roles.

We have already setup multiple roles including limited, staff, dietitian and manager. You are free to change any permissions on existing roles, or create new roles to suit your organization.

Clicking on the checkbox at the top right of each box will select all entries in that box.

Staff Management

You can manage staff by going into Staff Admin -> Staff in the left menu. This will pull up the staff list of all active staff members.

To add a new staff member, click on the Create button. This will open the Staff Create page.

Username, First Name, Last Name, Password and Role are all required fields. The “Admin” role should only be for your site administrators. These accounts have full permissions and can add/remove staff, rooms, etc.