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Setting up floor plan

The Floor Plan for your location is setup through the floor plan menu in the left menu. Based on your setup questionnaire, your myResidentCare site will be setup with the proper options (Floors/Wards/Wings) to match your facility. Based on this, some of these menu items may be missing.

First thing to setup is your Floors/Wards/Wings, as these are using in both dining rooms, resident rooms and activity rooms.
Floors/Wards/Wings are all setup the same way. Create button will show the page for setting up new entries. Update button allows modification, and the Delete button will remove these from the application.

Setting up Rooms

Once you have setup your Floors/Wards/Wings, you are ready to create your rooms.

Rooms require an “room name”, “occupancy” along with the Floor/Ward/Wing it belongs to. You then create the beds based on the occupancy. Even single occupancy rooms require a bed name.