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Lead Tasks

Welcome to the Lead Tasks section in MyResidentCare. This feature allows you to schedule and track tasks related to leads, ensuring that you can stay organized and proactive in your lead management efforts. In this guide, we’ll explore how to manage tasks for leads, both on the List of Tasks for a Lead page and when creating new tasks.

List of Tasks for a Lead

The “List of Tasks for a Lead” page is where you can view, update, and complete tasks associated with a specific lead. Here’s what you can do on this page:

  • View Tasks: Access a list of tasks for the selected lead, including checkboxes indicating task completion status.
  • Update Tasks: By clicking on the checkboxes or the “Update” button, you can change the status of tasks and mark them as complete.
  • Record Contact: For tasks related to making contact, you can specify whether you’ve successfully made contact during the task.

The List of Tasks for a Lead page simplifies the management of scheduled actions, keeping you on top of your follow-ups and commitments.

Managing Tasks

Managing tasks involves updating and completing them. Here’s how you can effectively handle tasks:

  • Update Tasks: To change the status of a task or edit task details, click on the “Update” button next to the task.
  • Completing Tasks: Use the checkboxes to mark tasks as complete. If the task type is related to making contact, you can also indicate whether contact was made.

By keeping tasks up to date, you ensure that your lead management process remains well-organized and efficient.

Task Types and Stages

Lead tasks come in different types and are associated with various stages. These task types and stages are configurable in Lead Settings. Task types may include Call, Email, Mail, Appointment, and more. Stages can range from Lead and Assessment to Tour, Closed, Move In, and Waitlist. These categories help you categorize and track tasks effectively.

Creating a New Task

To create a new task for a lead, follow these steps:

  1. Access the lead for which you want to schedule a task.
  2. Click on the “Create Task” button.
  3. Fill in the task details, including:
    • Task Type: Choose the appropriate task type from predefined options (configured in Lead Settings).
    • Assigned To: Designate the team member responsible for this task.
    • Priority: Specify the task’s priority level.
    • Task Date: Enter the date on which the task is scheduled.
    • Task Time: Set the time for the task (or choose “No Specific Time” if it’s date-based).
    • Detail Text: Include any additional notes or details for the task.
  4. If the task was already completed and contact was made, you can set these fields at this time.
  5. For Customers Subscribed to Full myResidentCare System
    • When selecting “Move In” as a task type, you also have the option to create a resident. This feature streamlines the process of converting leads into residents within the system.

Task Type Impact on Lead Stage

Selecting a task type that corresponds to a protected stage (Lead, Move In, Closed, Waitlist) can influence the lead’s stage in the lead management process. Creating a task of a specific stage can move the lead to that stage. To move a lead out of a stage, you need to create a new task with a different stage.

Best Practices

  • Consistently use standardized terms and data entry practices for task types and stages.
  • Regularly update task statuses to reflect progress accurately.
  • Make efficient use of tasks to ensure thorough lead management and follow-ups.


The “Lead Tasks” feature in MyResidentCare streamlines the scheduling, tracking, and management of tasks related to your leads. By staying organized and proactive in your follow-up efforts, you can enhance your lead management processes and foster effective lead conversion.